Dave Hase

Managing Director / Executive Producer

Dave is the beating creative heart of Hase. He’s spent the past seven years assembling some of Melbourne’s best talent to form a tight-knit unit that resounds with the company’s core values. He likes to summarise his team as ‘creative, high-end, approachable, guns’. These words have guided Dave’s recruiting since inception.

Dave insists on producing world-class creative that makes sure clients keep coming back. With a goal to make each job better than the last, Dave constantly challenges himself and his crew to go above and beyond.


Michael Henry

Commercial Director / Film Maker

Picture more than fifteen years’ experience as a director for brands like Dulux, Metricon, Sensis, The University of Melbourne and RMIT, and you’ve got Mikey Henry. With numerous TVCs and corporate films under his belt, Mikey loves working closely with clients to ensure every project connects strongly with its target audience.

On set Mikey is calm and composed, focused on drawing the best from himself, cast and crew. His extensive experience in directing and writing give him both the storytelling and technical expertise to bring ideas to life.


Dominic Allen

Commercial Director / Film Maker

Picture a director with a background in fine arts and a heart for social justice, whose repertoire includes short and feature films, music videos, commercials, and television documentaries. Dominic began making films through documentaries about fair trade, migrant issues and indigenous Australian contemporary culture.

His multi-award-winning commercial work represents his commitment to emotive stories with people at their centre. He aims to drive action by creating visual stories told with passion and feeling, strengthened by sharp composition and a striking visual aesthetic.


    49 Cubitt Street, Cremorne, Victoria 3121, Australia
    +613 9029 8400 - info@hase.com.au

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