Danielle Chau

Fashion Snappy Stills Photographer

An expert at translating modern, character driven stories into striking images, Danielle is a fashion, advertising and editorial photographer with a background in film and television. When she’s not taking sensational snaps, Danielle can be found belting out some not so sensational karaoke.

Greta Costello

Art Historically Minded Stills Photographer

With meticulous research and production skills, Greta can photograph a variety of different styles ranging from commercial to artistic. While her intuitive and gentle approach help get the best out of her subjects. She also makes a mean meatball.

Kathy Elwood

Magic Make-Up Artist

Kathy and her hair and makeup wands can effortlessly transform the stars of the show and make them shine. Her natural charm and honed skills are the foundation for a standout 20 year career that has seen her cast a glamorous spell over advertising, theatre, opera , film and fashion. Like any true magician Kathy won’t reveal her tricks but will leave you spellbound on your next shoot.

Austin Haigh

Born To Entertain 1st AC

Austin is both reliable and talented which makes him a highly sought after commodity in the film industry. He’s got focus down-pat and when he’s not working the camera he’s working the room.

Ben Hall

Longboarding & Award Winning Editor

With a swag of editing awards for work on short films, web series, TVCs and feature length docos, Ben’s a gun editor. He collaborates closely with directors and clients to ensure the best results.

Sarah Hanisch

Eyes Wide Open Art Department

With a broad understanding of layers, textures, genres, themes, styles and colours it’s safe to say Sarah is all about the detail. Whether it’s print, tv or an event, Sarah’s sets are always immaculately and intelligently styled. In another life, Sarah would like to be a student at Hogwarts.

Don Lim

Fantasy Fuelled Senior Designer

Over the past ten years, Don has art directed and produced high-end content for a broad range of blue chip brands. He’s creative, confident and has a can do attitude. With an innate ability to make magic happen, is Don is good.

Paul McCosh

Former Famous DJ Sound Engineer

With 20 years experience at Melbourne’s top post-production studios, Pauly’s got skills, including talent direction, sound design, music composition, editing and mixing. Plus he’s a pleasure to be around, so you won’t mind sharing a dimly lit sound booth together.

Benjamin Rasmussen

Modestly Sensational Senior Designer

Of Danish descent and having freelanced internationally in the broadcast world, Benjamin is a lovely soul who prefers to sit backand listen rather than take over the show. Our resident VFX compositor and 3D problem solver, Ben has the innate ability to track the most complex shots, taking motion graphics into the third dimension, while making sure it calibrates with his natural eye for design.

Matt Slater

Slayer-esque Senior Designer

Expert illustrator and motion designer, behind Slattsy’s calm exterior is a bubbling creative energy that brings life and individualism to each job he works on. An extremely humble guy, you’d never realise there’s some serious heavy metal playing behind those headphones.

Cesar Salmeron

Multilinguistic DOP

Working throughout the world, Cesar’s frames are a mix of interest, perspective and style, carefully tailored to suit the tone of each job. He can also talk with clients in six different languages!

Casey Vigushin

Infectious VFX Supervisor

Casey specialises in the design and application of high-end visual effects. His many years in the industry means he can composite just about anything and he’s got a great understanding of what it takes to deliver the best visuals. Always happy and positive, nothing seems to stress this super tall dude.

Bec Villanti

Super Charged PM

Super-organised and super approachable, Bec is a born production manager. Your wish is Bec’s command as she coordinates the finer details of filming to bring each project together and deliver seamless results. With loads of experience managing productions across different platforms and continents, Bec is your consummate PM – experienced, passionate and thorough.


    49 Cubitt Street, Cremorne, Victoria 3121, Australia
    +613 9029 8400 - info@hase.com.au

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